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SFC.Edwards Site for R.O.T.C

ROTC Badges And Tabs
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ROTC Badges And Tabs

Expert Infantryman Badge

Combat Infantryman Badge

Basic Aviator Badge

Basic Flight Surgeon Badge

Basic Astronaut Badge

Basic Aircraft Crewman Badge

Basic Parachutist Badge

Parachute Rigger Badge

Air Assault Badge


Halo Jump

Basic Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge

Expert Field Medical Badge

Combat Medical Badge

Scuba Diver Badge


Driver Badge

Marksman Badge

Sharpshooter Badge

Expert Badge

Ranger Tab

Special Forces Tab

Pathfinder Badge

Career Counselor Badge

Drill Sergeant

U.S. Army Recruiter (U.S. Army Guard)

U.S. Army Recruiter (Active Duty)

Guard, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Joint Chiefs of Staff

U.S. Army Recruiter (U.S. Army Reserve)

Secretary of Defense

Army Staff

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Please help support my Website and the Jrotc Program. JROTC here in leavenworth is about to close unless they can come up with enough money to support all the cadets we have comeing in. Thank you and God Bless America.