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SFC.Edwards Site for R.O.T.C

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Donations Page

Here in Leavenworth we have more than 500 kids to support books, medals, ribbons, rifles for the rifle team and all the other special team's. Each year we have fundraisers for the program which does good but we need more cause its no near enough. If we could get donations for the program to better our website, and get our other needs stated above, it would be great. By making a donation of 5 to 100 dollars you are greatly appriciated bye everyone of our students and my self and the supervisors of the ROTC program. If you make a donation, Thank you VERY much and god bless you are a great american!
Donations For My Website and the JROTC Program of Leavenworth


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Please help support my Website and the Jrotc Program. JROTC here in leavenworth is about to close unless they can come up with enough money to support all the cadets we have comeing in. Thank you and God Bless America.