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Information on me and my life in ROTC

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Hello, My name is Cprl. Dustin Edwards and i am going to explain what ROTC has done for me. First I am 16 years of age I weight about 135 pounds. I am in great physical condition I can be in better and I am working at the time. ROTC for those that dont know what it is, I can tell you that it is a subdivision of the army only way smaller. Recruite Officer Training Corp known as ROTC shows you many good things about starting your Future. Time in ROTC has shown me how to be a leader. Being a leader is not givin to the select few, it is givin to those who have deserved it. I am a A team leader which means i am the right hand man of the squad, I also am a commander of a junior guard team which has a lot of potential when they join ROTC next year. Being in ROTC is a great jumpstart for going into the army, with two years of ROTC you can enter the army as an E-3 or a Private First Class (PFC) which gives you alot of respect. Leadership skills, people skills and endurance is what you need to become a great ROTC cadet.

My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: BLINK 182
Favorite movie: Pearl Harbor
Favorite book: I have lived a thousand years
Favorite food: Pizza